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Superpower your platform with CEX

Allow your users to control their CeFi assets on your app
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Access to 10+ CEX gives you access to 10+ CEX including Binance, Coinbase, Kraken, OKX and more
What is it?

A non-custodial browser extension that allows:

  • CEX account connection
  • CEX asset tracking
  • CEX asset management

Any app can access CeFi through while remaining non-custodial and keeping a wallet UX.

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Read & Write Features

Read-only features

Fetch all types of wallets

Spot, funding, margin, futures for each CEX

Fetch CeFi transaction history

Trades, deposits and withdrawals

Fetch CEX deposit addresses

For a given token and chain

Write features

Let your users do a trade on their CEX

Let your users do a transfer from their CEX

All supported CEX & features are detailed here

supported CEX
supported networks
supported assets

Crypto Ecosystem

Your app
Decentralized wallets
Secure & Non custodial
Stores blockchain keys
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Stores CEX API keys
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Crypto Ecosystem
Blockchain evm compatible
Blockchain non-evm compatible

A seamless wallet UI/UX

Very few changes needed to your UI

Save time & money

Quick integration

Thanks to a DeFi wallet
integration experience

Turnkey solution

  • Self-custody storage
  • Unified API

Save development costs

  • Save integration costs
  • No maintenance costs
  • No additional infrastructure costs
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Reach a new market segment

Reach all the DeFi users
owning CeFi assets

Access the users that need to track/manage their CeFi assets but value self custody.

Leave the Onboarding to Us

We provide personalized tutorials for each given CEX and chosen permission

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Revenue from day one

Revenue sharing on fees is completely free for partners
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Our partners


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Hadrien C.


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Anthony B.

Encode Club

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Nicolas Bacca


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Ulysse Ramage


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Pablo Veyrat

Angle Protocol

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Marc Zeller


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Owen Simonin

Just Mining

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Harsh Rajat


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