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Your gateway to your Centralized Exchanges

Track, trade and transfer all your CEX assets from a browser extension
API storage
user experience
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Receive on Coinbase
Withdraw from Binance
Trade on Сoinbase
See your transaction history on Kraken

CEX Aggregator gathers all your CEX in one place to let you track, manage and transfer all your CeFi assets


All your keys are stored on your machine. We could not access it even if we wanted to.
We have a hardware solution
that allows you
We have a hardware solution
to store your API keys and sign CEX requests from
allows you to store your API keys and
sign CEX requests from the device itself.
the device itself. Own your API keys.
Own your API keys.

Same UX as a DeFi browser wallet

Sign transactions
in one click
See exactly what data you are signing before sending the transaction to your CEX.
One-click login into a dApp
A smooth experience
to connect with a dApp
See all your CEX assets at a glance aggregates your CEX API keys so you can be omniscient on all your CEX

Access CEX data & liquidity from any dApp

Use with many dApps
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Add your dApp, apply for integration with
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Track, trade, transfer any of your CeFi and DeFi assets on the same interface
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Download extension for Chromium based browsers and start managing your CeFi assets in one place
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Use with many dApps.

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